So, I actually bought this nail polish in the Summer to compliment my nautical-inspired outfits.

The color is great, although I do get lots of compliments on my “red nails”….which I only find upsetting when I’m feeling especially daring for wearing orange polish….it is certainly a color that changes with the light.

Note: in these photos, I am wearing two coats and no top coat.  3 coats probably would have provided better coverage, but I rarely find time for that.  Plus side is that Essie is shiny enough that it doesn’t always need a top coat.

IN ALL, I heart this nail polish.  Great color, long-lasting, and it gets lots of compliments! :)


Here it goes….post numero uno.

I am a makeup addict.  I have more makeup than I could ever hope to use, but it makes me happy.  I don’t just buy willy-nilly however–I like to do my research.  After scouring through multitudes of beauty blogs for every cosmetic decision I make, I am often pleased with what I find (thorough descriptions, pics and videos) but sometimes I leave the Google-world disappointed and empty-handed.

And so I’ve decided that I should share my own findings and contribute to the blogs of the beauty world! 🙂