Sephora is evil….in the very best way possible.  They always have crazy good deals that I can’t ignore and I love their products and policies.  When i saw the holiday it kit offer earlier this month, I had to take advantage of it and find out what goodies they had in store for me!

The Whole Haul

You get free shipping with any $50 order and 3 free samples with any order.  My total was $55 after tax.

First up: SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Tangerine Tango Brush Set;  These were on sale for $21, so how could I possibly resist?

The set includes a powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, shadow brush, and crease brush.  Honestly at first glance, I was going to return them because they appeared too synthetic.  But the powder brush feels like heaven on my face and the others do just fine, so I kept them!  And it comes with a fun little stand to keep them in.  The blush brush is the roughest, however, and I rarely use it.

Bite Beauty Define & Refine Lip Set

Second: Bite Beauty Define & Refine Lip Set ; on sale for $30

This set includes 3 full-sized lip colors: 0.12 oz Lip Shine in Prosecco (sheer nude), 0.09 oz High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate (rich red), and 0.13 oz Luminous Crème Lipstick in Rosè (peachy pink).





The most surprising for me was Lip Shine in Prosecco (aka my new obsession).  It’s a little sticky, but the gloss is gloriously shiny with a touch of a nude/baby-pink color.

Lip Shine in Prosecco

Lip Shine in Prosecco

I was most looking forward to the High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate, since everyone is raving about it.  BUT, although I adore the color, I fear it is a bit too harsh for my fair skin.  It is, as it states, a very rich red–not necessarily reminiscent of a pomegranate, but moreso like a deep strawberry.  It can be tricky to apply and bleeds around the edges–see pics.

High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate

High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate

And then there was the Luminous Crème Lipstick in Rosè, a natural looking rosy pink.  It is pretty and easy to wear, but nothing special.  Also, not sure if it is just mine, but it kind of smells like play-do….


Last but not least was the free stuff! The Best in Classic It Kit, and the samples (Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo, CLEAN Fresh Laundry, and Lancome LA BASE PRO Perfecting Primer)

1) As far as all the scents go, they’re nice but nothing I’m crazy about–I stick to my ck one or chanel ;)

2) The Murad Acne cleanser feels great (tingly), but I haven’t noticed any major improvements.

3) The HD Microfinish powder pot is great.  It is a white powder but shows up clear and feels very silky.

4) The BI-FACIL Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover does it’s job and even removes waterproof eye makeup  but is not so good for my sensitive eyes.  It stings a little.
5) The Sephora moisturizer, Lancome mascara and Stila eye shadow palette felt like filler items to me, but I have not tried them yet (or desired to).  My shadow palette arrived in pieces and it was difficult to get off of the paper.

6) The NARS velvet gloss lip pencil, in New Lover, is adorable.  It’s a rosy pink with gold undertones.  It’s fairly sheer and adds a subtle pop of color.

NARS velvet gloss lip pencil, in New Lover


That’s all for now! I am quite satisfied with my purchase and would recommend most of these products! :)

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So, I have to start off by stating that I love these things.  Not only are they moisturizing (and natural!), but they are super cute too.  Not too much color, not too little and packed with a peppermint kick (which I happen to love and may be addicted to :P).  I love the Cherry tint, but the Rhubarb seems to be the most popular.  They are both red shades, but Rhubarb is a bit more pink and Cherry has a touch more orange.  Here are pics for both shades so you can see the (subtle) difference:


Price: about $5 online or in most drugstores.

Pros: It’s a fantastic chapstick that comes in fantastic colors.  Need I say anything more? ;) It comes in about 14 different shades and my lips always feel great while wearing it.

Cons: The color is not exactly long-lasting and tends to stray.  Re-application is often frequent.  Also, sometimes the pigment becomes concentrated in chunks, but a quick wipe usually fixes this.

Extra tip: The “Papaya” and “Nutmeg” tints are currently on sale right now fo $1 ! Check it out:

So, I got these during the summer after seeing them in every ad in every magazine.




The Dilly:

Price: $3 to $4 at local drug stores

Pros: The color is fun and the texture is silky smooth.  Contains SPF 20 and Shea butter.

Cons: The “baby-smooth” feeling is fleeting.  If I forget to apply it regularly (which happens A LOT), the moisture disappears!  And my lips actually end up feeling dryer than they had been before… yeah, I don’t use them much anymore.

Please note that I do not have any affiliation with the Sephora company.  That being said, I do absolutely LOVE them and everything they stand for (as far as I know…..).
I highly recommend this store/website to anyone who adores anything beauty-related.  Not only do they give you free samples, but they also have a great rewards program and awesome promos (for more free samples….who doesn’t want that?).  The ONLY thing I wish they would consider changing is their $50 minimum for free shipping.  Yes, it is easy to spend that much, but sooooometimes I just wish I could place a nice quick order for just my lipgloss or whatever and get free shipping too! ;)

ANYWAY—-Those are the current promos (which btw, you can only use one per order, annnnd I am taking advantage of the “itkit” one right after I post this….)

So, I actually bought this nail polish in the Summer to compliment my nautical-inspired outfits.

The color is great, although I do get lots of compliments on my “red nails”….which I only find upsetting when I’m feeling especially daring for wearing orange polish….it is certainly a color that changes with the light.

Note: in these photos, I am wearing two coats and no top coat.  3 coats probably would have provided better coverage, but I rarely find time for that.  Plus side is that Essie is shiny enough that it doesn’t always need a top coat.

IN ALL, I heart this nail polish.  Great color, long-lasting, and it gets lots of compliments! :)

Here it goes….post numero uno.

I am a makeup addict.  I have more makeup than I could ever hope to use, but it makes me happy.  I don’t just buy willy-nilly however–I like to do my research.  After scouring through multitudes of beauty blogs for every cosmetic decision I make, I am often pleased with what I find (thorough descriptions, pics and videos) but sometimes I leave the Google-world disappointed and empty-handed.

And so I’ve decided that I should share my own findings and contribute to the blogs of the beauty world! :)


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